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Explore stories of Opioid Use Disorder in your community. You'll hear from those who experienced addiction themselves or walked alongside a loved who has struggled with OUD. Our hope is these stories will help to stop the stigma of opioid addiction and instead, encourage others to support and advocate for those struggling.

My Family's Story


Kelly supported a family member on their "road to recovery." She thinks it is important for people to know recovery "is not one size fits all. Recovery is going to look different for every person." 

My Opioids Story

Rudi Rudisill

Rudi Rudisill developed back issues in college and started taking prescribed pain medication. He left school and "that was when [his] spiral down started." 

"Fast forward to today: [he has] been clean from drugs since September 2008." 

Addiction + Rejection

Lisa Livengood

After a fall at age nine, Liam took prescribed medication that he became addicted to which led to illegal drugs. Together, they share their story, including the rejection they experienced by friends and others.

A Mother's Fight

Donna Avagliano

"If a mother's love could cure addiction, my son Daniel would be alive today. He'd be at home with his wife and children who he loved so dearly...and he would still be visiting me every week. He was just 38 years old when he died."

Opioids Stole My Son

Nazrul & Tammy Chowdhury

Watch the story of Austin Chowdhury: college graduate, beloved son, and victim of opioid use disorder. By sharing his story, Austin's parents hope to keep other families from experiencing the pain they still feel every day.

Thanks to the Gaston Community Foundation for their generous support of our work to stop opioid stigma.

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